Get some air into your tires!

Riding the road or maneuvering the mountains, you need adequate air pressure in your tires. There are lots of reasons for this, here are a few:

  • low pressure slows ya down
  • you don’t flat as easy
  • tires ‘ll last longer
  • blow-outs down a hill are no fun
  • creates less racket

So how are you going to make sure your running your rubber right? Tire companies couldn’t have made it easier. Recommended inflation pressure is moulded into the side of the tire.

Mountain bike tires are usually 40-65 PSI 

Road bike tires are closer to 100 PSI 

The preferred method for getting the recommended pressure into those tubes is to visit your local community bike shop, where they are sure to have a pump with a gauge that will tell you exactly how much air your plowing into those tires. You could also use your own pump, and a tire pressure gauge like this one

if you really wanted to, but why wouldn’t you just go down and visit the guys at lifecycle?!

Once you know you have the right pressure, get your hands on the tire. Press down with your thumb, squeeze the sidewalls. Figure out what that pressure feels like and take note. Your local community bike shop won’t be there while your changing a flat on the trail and you have no pressure gauge, you need to know how to deal without one.
It’s also just common sense that you should give your bike a quick once over before you ride, including checking the pressure. No need to pull out the gauge, just grab the tire and show it who’s boss.

And another thing, don’t use ‘bar’ to measure tire pressure.  Its pretentious and if you use it no one will like you.

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